Why You Should Enjoy the Famous Yellow Rose

Who hasn’t heard of the song about ‘The Yellow Rose of Texas’? The yellow rose is one of the most popular roses in history. The song, however, was actually about a lady a Civil War soldier is trying to find. Dolly Parton also wrote a song titled ‘Yellow Roses’ about a romance with someone who both began and ended the relationship with a yellow rose.

There are companies named for the yellow rose, such as Yellow Rose Products, Yellow Rose Enterprises and Yellow Rose Gifts. There are books written, such as the Yellow Rose Bride, A Texas Sky, the Yellow Rose Trilogy and a series called The Yellow Rose Mysteries. There is yellow rose white gold jewelry. A concealer has been made called the Yellow Rose of Texas, which hides imperfections of the skin.

The yellow rose has been said to symbolize friendship, caring, freedom, dying love, and platonic love. In German-speaking countries, the yellow rose means jealousy or infidelity. It is appropriate to send yellow roses to graduates, Texans, new mothers, and newlyweds. If you send red roses mixed with yellow roses, it stands for happiness and celebration. A single rose of any color is a sign of thanks. A safe idea is to send a note with the yellow rose, explaining your intentions!
In the 18th century, yellow roses were discovered growing wild in parts of the Middle East. The first yellow roses found did not have a sweet smelling fragrance. Cross-breeding was a friend to the yellow rose’s scent. You can buy organically grown yellow roses, which would give support to environmentally-friendly farming.

Yellow roses will bring a touch of sunshine to any flower arrangement. You won’t be disappointed in the addition to your flower bed. They add elegance to any d├ęcor in a home. The yellow rose is a pleasant image on items of clothing, bedding, curtains, and so on.

The yellow rose has brought financial gain to Texas by association with the song title. It has benefited Texas for years by way of its commercial value. But the yellow rose is certainly not limited to Texas or Texas products and services. It is available in many areas of the world. People in countries that have no connection to Texas have enjoyed the silent, quiet, soothing beauty of the yellow rose.

On the downside, there is a link between yellow roses and blackspot. Blackspot is a leaf disease that defoliates and kills. Hybrid yellow roses have been bred stronger and more resistant to blackspot, however, resistant roses still need care to avoid disease. Also, the area makes a difference in how well a yellow rose will be able to fend off disease. A warm and humid climate will be more inviting to the disease. There are sprays available to help guard against blackspot, such as apple cider vinegar spray. Wild herbs like stinky nettle, horsetails, and comfrey are also used by some as a spray for blackspot. Whatever the case, if you truly want yellow roses, where there’s a will, there’s a way!

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