Why Would I Want to Grow Hybrid Teas?

The hybrid tea might also be called the flower of lovers. It makes the perfect long-stemmed rose. It flowers repeatedly and can be strong with the proper care. It is the resulting combination of the tea rose and the hybrid perpetual. A hybrid tea is an ideal choice to present to the love of your life, a special gift for a mother, or just to display on your tabletop. It will add a touch of elegance to any room even as a lone flower in a vase. There are at least 237 varieties available.
If you worry about thorns, you can choose a thorn less type of hybrid tea. In my humble opinion, the thorns add to the artistic charm of the flower. It demands respect and adds character.

Be sure to take care of your newly acquired plant. You’ll want to decide what to feed it for endurance and strength and overall health. Each established gardener most likely has a favorite recipe or brand of plant food. Guard against overuse when feeding. It is possible to chemically burn your leaves or stems. The food is often concentrated and requires diluting. Watering heavily also helps dilute the food for the hybrid teas to process more easily and acceptably. You really only have to feed once in the spring and again in the fall. Some gardeners may choose to feed more often.

Pruning, feeding, proper watering, insect and disease control all sound a bit overwhelming at first. But it’s actually an easy process to learn. Like any living thing, there is a necessity for proper growth and development. Try keeping notes you feel are important about your hybrid and its care. These may even come in handy should you choose to try your luck with other flowering plants. Once you become more comfortable with the care of your plant, you’ll be better able to appreciate it.

Some hybrid teas have romantic names, such as Bride’s Dream, Bronze Star, Change of Heart, or Classic Beauty. If you like card games, perhaps your landscape would be more complete with the Ace of Hearts. Like many other things, there are hybrid teas named after famous people such as Barbara Streisand, Barbara Bush, Bing Crosby, and Bob Hope. Whatever your choice, you shouldn’t be disappointed in one of the most popular and beloved of roses.

It would probably be next to impossible to count all the things ever written about the rose. Often when one pictures a love scene, if a rose is involved, it would be a long-stemmed hybrid with or without thorns. Although they are not known for their strong scent, a hybrid tea has its own appeal in its appearance alone. Commercially, it is a welcomed rose. Shown in many pictures and used in many images, the hybrid is greatly admired. It’s image is used on gift wrap, tattoos, dinnerware, in wedding decorations, and especially on assorted items for Valentine’s Day, to name a few.

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