What Do You Know About the English Rose?

One type of rose that seems saturated with sophistication beginning with its name is the English rose. There have been stories and books written with the name. But the English roses are especially deserving of a name that suggests class and royalty.

English roses are a group of roses, introduced by a hybridizer in the 1960’s. They were created to enhance some of the Old Roses, although a rose is a special flower in its own right and would seem to need no such enhancing. A rose by any name or type is a long-admired favorite among almost anyone.

The English roses tickle the senses with their delicate charm and fragrance. If you enjoy the idea of a larger rose, this type is a good choice. Being a fuller flower with many lovely petals, it is a delight for the eyes. Having been bred also for the excellent scent, English roses are a delight for the nose as well. The old-style combines with the modern style for a nice balance.

Although roses are mostly associated with the thought of the female gender, many types of English roses also carry male names. If you’d like a garden to suggest a theme, you could devote an area to roses with names of each gender. A few of the English roses with names are: Charles Austin, David Austin, Brother Cadfael, Charles Darwin, and Benjamin Britten. Some English roses with female names include: Barbara Austin, Claire Rose, Cordelia, Evelyn, and Gertrude Jekyll.
Maybe you’d like to include some English roses with names that play on your tongue to exercise your palate. Try Corvedale, Glanis Castle, Jaquenetta, and Mortimer Sackler. If you yearn for English roses with names from other lands, try Queen Nefertiti, Sharifa Asma, or Shropshire Lad.

As with most anything these days, there are many websites devoted to the famous David Austin English roses. They are beautiful hybrids that can only add pleasure to your landscaping. They are meant to be admired and enjoyed by all. One man’s dream and creativity reaches people worldwide with something as simple and yet complex as the English roses.
Roses have the most elaborate vocabulary of any flower. Rose buds generally signify youth and beauty, red roses signify passion, white roses purity and innocence, and yellow roses jealousy and/or infidelity. You’ll find a wide array of colors available in the English roses. They can mean much or nothing, depending on what you want from your garden.
An interesting tidbit of information is that rose water is not a perfume. It is still used in cosmetics and perfume. The Romans created a beauty treatment using dried roses and lion’s fat.

English roses are enjoyed by people in all walks of life: rich, poor, famous, and the regular “joe”. You don’t have to speak a certain language or be anyone special to plant and enjoy the endearing English roses. You don’t have to have an entire garden of roses either. An English rose plant is beautiful all by itself.

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